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Class graphs and group work

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Students create and organize data to create graphs.

Students make predictions and answer questions based on data.  (Math Standard 3.1)


Students know and understand how the human body functions, factors that influence its structures and functions, and how these structures and functions compare with those of other organisms.

(Science Standard 3.3)


Students write and speak using conventional grammar, usage, sentence structure, punctuation, capitalization and spelling.(Reading and Writing Standard 3)

Students link concepts and procedures as they develop and use computational techniques, including estimation, mental arithmetic, paper-and-pencil, calculators, and computers, in problem-solving situations and communicate the reasoning used in solving these problems.  Students use numbers to count and sequence from 0 to 99 to communicate place value and numeration. (Math Standards 1.1, 1.2)

Students know how to use and construct maps, globes, and other geographic tools to locate and derive information about people, places, and environments.
Develop knowledge of Earth to locate people, places, and environments. (Geography Standard 1.2)





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